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Who is Brandy Norwood?
Here's some information about Brandy
Brandy has been in movies "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" with Jennifer Love Hewitt, "Arachnaphobia", and "Cinderella" with Whitney Houston. She also has her own hit tv. show called "MOESHA", which is on channel UPN Mondays at 8:00p.m. to 8:30p.m. (Check your local listings)

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Why did Brandy became a singer?
She saw a music video by Whitney Houston called "How Will I Know?", ran to her father, and said "I want to do that!" So thats how she became a singer. She not only got help from her father Willie Norwood by being her vocal church(he was a singer in a church choir), but her mother Sonja Norwood is her manager.

"Some of the pictures on my website I have gotten from other websites such as If I have forgotten to mention your website please contact me, and I'll straighten things out with you.

*I take no credit for the pictures of which I have gotten from other Brandy websites."


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